Charles G. Sims


Charles G Sims

Charles G Sims, a United States Army combat veteran and University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) alum, founded The Dream 2020 in the wake of George Floyd’s death during the summer of 2020. This initiative was born out of a desire to foster racial reconciliation, promote peace, and encourage nonviolent dialogue across the United States. Sims’ inspiration partly came from his time at Ole Miss, where he developed a keen interest in the story of James Meredith, a pivotal figure in the school’s integration during the 1960s.

The Dream 2020 represents Charles G Sims’ commitment to leveraging his experiences and insights for social change. By initiating dialogues on racial reconciliation and nonviolence, Sims and The Dream 2020 contribute to the ongoing struggle for justice and equality in the United States. While the search results do not provide specific details on the initiative’s activities or achievements, the context suggests that The Dream 2020 is part of a larger movement toward building a more inclusive and peaceful society.

James Z George
of Mississippi

Charles’ 3x great grandfather is Sen James Z George of Mississippi. George was a 3 term United States Senator, Chief Justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court, and the author of the 1890 constitution of the state of Mississippi. George’s was the driving force behind the poll taxs, literacy tests, and the understanding clause. George’s legal framework became the blueprint for the other southern states in creating racial codes that became the core of the Jim Crow laws. George in doing so became the architect of the Jim Crow laws as we know them.

The blueprint that I would like to create and share is one of love and racial reconciliation. It came from the idea that no matter where we begin our journey we have the ability to reach across party and racial lines in search of conflict resolution. Charles believes that if he can continue show these in modern day, that normal people can see if he is descended slave owners and authors of racial codes that anything is possible. That if Charles is capable of uniting with historical civil rights leaders, everyone can see it is not just a mythical construct, but a real reality. A reality that everyone must strive for to create a more perfect union for the United States. The blueprint and more importantly the Dream lives on in all of us. The people of the United States are the aires to Dr Kings Dream, and the blueprint is all about putting the Dream into practice and reality.

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